Golf Clash Hack Cheats: 10 Methods to Get Free Gems Coins

Are you looking for Golf Clash Hack Cheats, which can fetch you free Gems and Coins in the game?

Golf Clash Hack Cheats:

Golf Clash is developed by “playdemic,” which breaks into a $300 Million mark in the gaming business in 2019.

According to a report of Sensor Tower, Golf Clash has broken all records in its category and has become no#1 game in Golf.  

Golf Clash game also receives “Game of the year” award in TIGA Game awards and also BAFTA in the mobile game in 2018.

In other words, are you ready to check some Golf Clash hack Cheats to get free Gems and Coins legally?


Why you need Golf Clash Gems & Coins

There is two official currency of Golf Clash, and they are Gems and Coins. Coins can be used to purchase different Golf Clubs and cosmetics of the games. Coins are eased to gain as you will get these when you win any Tournament or update your levels.

Golf Clash Gems

Gems in Golf Clash are an essential commodity that can be used to purchase any Golf ball and other game cosmetics. If you have Gems in Golf Clash, you can dream of moving ahead of competitors and upgrading all your inventory.

How to spend Gems and Coins in Golf Clash

Now to move ahead of competitors in Golf Clash, you need to spend real money, and if you don’t invest any money, then you will fall back to a basic level. To win any Tournament, you need a good Golf Club with Golf ball which will always give you an edge over competitors.

So, if you want free Golf Clash Gems and Coins, then check our 10 best Hack & Cheats of Golf Clash to get Gems and Coins legally.  

Golf Clash Hack

Top 10 Methods of Golf Clash Hack and Cheats to get Gems & Coins Legally.

Method 1 # Need Golf Club Gems, Play slow

The Golf Clash hack to gain free gems depends on how you pace your Gameplay. You need to pace your progress slowly so that your account will have enough Coins until you master the basic level.

Plenty of chance will be available afterward to pace it up when you master the basic shots and puts of the Golf Clash game. Practice and learn all the basic moves using the default Golf Club which game has provided.

Focus on essential items to win in Golf Clash

Do not purchase or upgrade the default (basic) Golf Club, which game has given you. You need to keep on playing with the same Golf Club until you reach a certain stage. After 15 days of game rewards, you with free Golf Club, and your account will be filled with 800 Gems.


Method 2 # Watch Video ads

This is awesome Golf Clash Cheats to earn free gems and coins; in this, you need to watch a video advertisement. These advertisements can be viewed many times during the whole day and will fetch you with game goodies.

Video Ads in Golf Clash

Video advertisements in Golf Clash will be available when you complete any game or tournament. You can view these ads and get free game goodies, which will help you in your progress in the game.

Game goodies, including Gems, Coins, golf Club, balls, and other cosmetics, can be procured after watching these ads. We recommend you all to watch video ads to get free gems and coins in Golf Clash.

 Method 3 # Win Chest and earn Free Coins

If you really want Golf Clash to hack cheats tips, then start winning chest. There is six kinds of chest in Golf Clash full of Gems and Coins in them. You can win them when you play Tournaments or when you unlock some achievements.

06 Game Chest in Golf Clash

Golf Clash has 06 Game Chest which has Gems and Coins in it, try to earn these by taking part in different tournaments.

Wood ChestSilver Chest
Pin ChestPlatinum Chest
King ChestGold Chest

If you get Pin Chest or King’s Chest in Golf Clash game, you may receive some epic cards in the game.


Method 4 # Earn Coins by playing Tournament

In this Golf Clash hack cheats, you need to play repeatedly Tournament, which you have completed. Now, if you play Tournament, you will receive Trophies, but you again participate in the same tournament you will get coins.

All the tournament is bound by maximum trophies. If you gain maximum trophies in any tournament, you will get coins if you participate again in those tournaments.

List of Tournament and their Trophies in Golf Clash

Tournament Maximum Trophies
Beginner Tour20 Trophies
West Coast50 Trophies
Asia Pacific100 Trophies
6-Star Hotel Tour200 Trophies
World Links Tour300 Trophies
U.S Champions Tour500 Trophies

Method 5 # wait for Good Golf Club

Golf Clash Cheats

Do not jump to upgrade your Golf Club when you are still below level 8?

Do not spend gems and coins on Golf Club when you are at a lower level. You need to wait for some Good Golf Club, which will be available when you reach above level 8.

Wait for that time, and keep on storing gems and coins in your Golf Clash game account.

Depending on your Golf Clash gameplay, you need to choose a good Golf Club.

What is a different attribute of Golf club?

Well, Golf Clubs in Golf Clash have six different attributes that you need to check before you proceed to purchase them from the store. They are as follows

PowerAccuracyBack Spin
Top SpinBall guideCurl

Wait for some time before you want to earn a good Golf Club in Golf Clash.

Method 6 # avoid Exchange of Gems to Coins

Do not exchange any gems to purchase Golf Balls or game items such as Quest box or to coins. Gems in Golf Clash are a very rare currency, therefore, you need to store them for later use in the advance or higher levels.

In lower levels, games will tempt you to use them to open a Quest box or chest to get some cards or coins, but they did not worth it. In conclusion, Our recommendation is to avoid opening on such items at lower levels with Gems.

Method 7 # Connect account with Facebook

If you connect the Golf Clash account with Facebook, then you will receive a platinum chest. Moreover, connecting Golf Clash game account with Facebook also bring many gifts and they are as follows

  • You will receive Platinum chest
  • The platinum chest may contain gifts like Gems, Coins and Golf Clubs
  • All your game progress can be shared with friends and family members
  • Check the leaderboard position
  • Get the latest news and announcement from Facebook groups.


Method 8 # Keep opening Chest for free Gems in Golf Clash

Golf Clash games keep on rewarding their players if they tend to play longer hours in the game. The game will reward them with free Chest, which becomes available every four hours.

Use Free Chest in Golf Clash

You can keep on using these free Chest and get free gems or coins or game goodies in Golf Clash. Remember, these free Chest cannot be accumulated, which means, if you did not open Golf Clash for one week, your account would not be crowded with 100 chests.

Method 9 # Spend Gems judiciously

We all love to have the latest Golf Club or the latest Golf Ball, but for that, you need to have a huge quantity of gems in Golf Clash. We recommend you all to not to spend gems on buying different Golf Ball or opening of Chest.

Golf Clash – Golf Ball Attributes

Golf Ball has many attributes and can be a great tournament winner if you play them correctly. Some of the attributes of Golf balls are as follows

  • Wind Resistance
  • Sidespin
  • Power

But before you go only with Golf ball, learn how to do

  • Topspin and backspin with Golf ball using Golf Club
  • Learn needle position for you Golf ball before you hit the shot
  • Practice the Putt which is must when you are near any hole
  • Learn the Bull eye’s
  • Judge your distance and Control your power on every shot

Method 10 # Participate in weekly Tour

Another great way of earning gems in Golf Clash is to participate in Weekly tours. Which means you need to check the entry fee and decide to take part in those tours.

Remember, Platinum tours, which have eleven chests for position two or (second) is better than king tours, which has nine chests for position two.

Make a decision on how good you have prepared for the tournament and how good is your Golf Club and Golf ball.

Avoid Golf Clash Scams

There are many online scams when you are going as a Golf Clash generator, However, they all fails to provide free gems or Coins without any verification.

We have checked all these websites and found out that they all are 100% fake and useless.

golf Clash generator

What are the modus operands of Golf Clash generators?

All the Golf Clash Generators claim that they can break into the Golf Clash server to give you gems and coins. This is ridiculous, as no one can break with the one-page website to any big servers of Golf Clash.

Some of the points which prove it is a scam are as follows
  • No one can break into Golf Clash server
  • They did not give any gems or coins
  • They make people complete a survey for human verification
  • Never give your personal details like password in these websites
  • Do not install any application from these websites

Final words

Golf Club game receives numerous awards for its innovation and generating interest in common people.

Now people can enjoy expensive games like Gold in their mobile and tour all expensive tournaments without spending any money.

We advise you all to play Golf Clash to learn how to play Golf and how to avoid a certain mistake in the actual golf course.

Try to implement all these Top 10 Methods of Golf Clash Hack and Cheats to get Gems & Coins Legally.