Golf Clash Cheats tips and tricks

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Golf Clash Cheats:

Well, check out these 06 Cheats tips and tricks, which will make you win all the trophies on each tour.

Golf Clash becomes the first game that reaches more than 10 Million installs in its category. If you want to win all Cheats circuit in Golf Tournament you need to follow these awesome tips and tricks.


 06 Cheats Tips and Tricks of Golf Clash

  1. Know your Golf Course
  2. Know your Gear (Golf Club)
  3. Timing your shot
  4. Upgrade your Gear (Golf Club)
  5. Learn your Putt
  6. Collect Trophies by participating in Tour

Let’s check all the Cheats tips and tricks which can make you Pro Golfer in your circuit.

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Golf Clash Cheats tips and tricks

1.Know your Golf Course

Before you start your journey as a PRO Golfer, you should know all the Golf Course which are available in the Golf Clash.

With more than 28 Golf Course available in the Golf Clash game, you should be familiar with all of them to conquer Professional circuits.

Some of the Golf Course is given below

  1. Christmas
  2. City Park
  3. Creepy Cliffs
  4. Eagle Peak
  5. Ghostly Glades
  6. Glenmonarch Estate
  7. Gokasho Bay
  8. Greenoch Point
  9. Haunted Hills
  10. Juniper Point
  11. Koh Hong Resort
  12. Maple Bay
  13. Meadow Castle
  14. Namhae Cliffs
  15. Nordic Fjords
  16. Parc De Paris
  17. Porthello Cove
  18. Sakura Hills
  19. Santa Ventura
  20. Southern Pines
  21. Sunshine Glades
  22. The Milano
  23. The Oasis
  24. Touchdown
  25. Vineyard Acres
  26. White Cliffs
  27. Winter Links
  28. Winter Olympics


2.Know your Gear (Golf Club)

Before you jump into the Golf Clash, please spend some time checking, which club you can use in which situation.

As per Golf Clash is a concern you will have 07 different types of Golf Clubs which are as follows

Driver- best (the Apocalypse)

Wood – Best (The Cataclysm)

Long Iron – best (the B52)

Short Iron – best (the Hornet)

Wedge – best (the EndBringer)

Rough Iron – best (Nirvana)

Sand Wedge – best (Spitfire)

You need to spend time and check all those best Clubs listed here. Always remember to upgrade only the best Golf Clubs which are given in the list.

3.Timing your shot

Golf Clash is a game of particle and is a simulated game, which did not have any resemblance to the actual game.

If you are playing Golf Clash, then remember, it is very easy to take a shot. You need to align your ball to the needle going back and forth.

Just remember, the needle should be in the middle of the bull’s eye to make it a perfect shot. You need to keep on practicing the ball to hit in the middle of the bull’s eye to make a perfect shot at the beginning of the game. 

Remember to time your shot to get a perfect hole in one go; you need to particle your putt’s also later in the game to get your ball into the hole.

4.Upgrade your Gear (Golf Club)

After you reach a certain level in Golf Clash, the only thing which is matters is your Golf Club and how much you have to spend gems on upgrading those gear.

Upgrading your Golf Club in Golf Clast is the best Pro tip, which everyone will tell you, as these will save you from nearly miss opportunity.

You need to pay attention to all those Golf Clubs for its attributes which are as follows

  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Top Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Curl
  • Ball Guide

Upgrading gear will take maximum money out in the game, as you will notice all the top players in any competition or tour will have upgraded clubs.

Spend time to learn how these Golf Clubs works in a different situation and how much power you can use them in those situations.

Upgrading also includes purchasing of new Golf Balls every time you enter any competition. As you will notice, each ball has its own abilities, and you can use them for wind resistance or sidespin.

5.Learn your Putt

When your ball reaches near the hole, game control suddenly changes; the bull eye will be gone, which will be now replaced with the path of light.

Now you need to pull your Golf Ball back and check the path of light, which will show you how your ball will travel. You need to align your path with the needle and with the hole to take the clear shot.

Now depending on the power you have generated on the Golf Ball, the ball will travel. You need to check for the bluish glow with the Golf hole if you have the correct power and alignment.

Make sure you did not overpower or underpower you shot with the Golf ball for the Putt.

6.Collect Trophies by participating in Tour

You need to collect lots of Trophies for the free Chests, which you will get after completing each tour. You can get free coins in those chests which you earn after completion of tours.

Remember, each Tour has many trophies that you can win when you participate in those circuits. You can earn coins when you finish earning a maximum number of trophies on each tour.

Some of the tours with their trophies are given below:

Beginner Tour – you will get 20 Maximum Trophies

West Coast – you will get 50 Maximum Trophies

Asia Pacific – you will get 100 Maximum Trophies

6-Star Hotel – you will get 200 Maximum Trophies

World Links– you will get 300 Maximum Trophies

U.S. Champions– you will get 500 Maximum Trophies

Final words

So, these are the 06 Cheats tips and tricks of Golf Clash, which you can employ in your game to get into the top Golfer.

We encourage you all to implement all these Pro tips in your game to get top rank in the Golf Clash game.

All these Cheats tips and tricks are shared by top players of the Golf Clash; we hope this will improve your game and win many trophies.

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